Persian Gulf heats up!

It is not  the sun causing it. After the recent military actions in the strait of Hormuz, the world is still uncertain about the intentions and goals of the combined Russian and Iranian forces.

The actions that led to the occupation of the island of Sir Abu Nuayr and the russina naval deployment to Iranian waters have the Arab League reeling. The United Nations called for a security council meeting to be held next week. Its outcome will hopefully lead to a clear course of action of the UN members to stem the military build-up in one of the world’s most highly explosive powder keg.

Oman and the UAE have called upon the Arab League to freeze assets and detain members of the terrorist group “Alsyf Albarq” after successful suicide bombings of civilian and military targets. Intelligence forces from both the UAE and Oman have jointly stated they are working in close cooperation to “Assess and contain” the threat of Alsyf Albarq and the renounced “Al Kahn Brigade”. As to how they will do this, remains uncertain. The UAE and Oman both lack manpower and expertise to deal with the threat effectively. The Combined Joint Task Force 81 that is rendering aid to both countries has seen its first actions stopped in its tracks by successful bombings and Iranian air forces have put up quite a show of force to which no real answer from the CJTF came.

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