Major NATO airlift underway to Georgia

Local media in Georgia reported this morning that numerous NATO transport aircraft were seen landing in military airbases in Western Georgia.

It has been reported than no less than eight USAF C-17 aircraft were spotted landing in the Sukhumi-Babushara airfield in the early morning hours.

The C-17 “Globemaster” is a large aircraft used for strategic and tactical transport operations.

While neither NATO, the United-Nations nor the United-States government have provided any official comment on this report, the UN Security-council’s spokesperson commented to TNC about theĀ  recent mobilization of Russian forces to the Sochi district last week, regarding it as “destabilizing act”. An unnamed source in the Pentagon also said that the situation is “very serious” and that NATO is “considering all options”.



Two C-17 Globmaster transport aircraft seen approaching Sukhumi AFB early this morning

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