Fighting erupts in Abkhazian-Russian border

Fighting erupts between Russian armed forces and NATO units stationed in Northern Georgia.

In a press briefing today (December 5th) a UN official reported of an incursion by Russian military forces North of Gudauta district, and have later withdrawn back to Russian territory after being confronted by NATO forces.
The report also stated that the attack was supported by a heavy artillery fire and possible missiles that caused damage to military and civilian facilities in the region.

Local media in Georgia reported that a missile of unknown type has hit an army base in Kheivani (North-Western Georgia) causing extensive damage.

It has been reported that NATO forces deployed in the area have engaged and repelled the Russian attack.

No reports were made about casualties to this time, nor did any Russian comment made on the events today.

Last week, a major NATO task-force was dispatched to Georgia in response to Russian buildup of forces near Georgian border and threats made by Russian president to “liberate Russians harassed in Abkhazia”.



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