Georgia elevates alert level near South-Ossetian border

Defense ministry ordered a series of steps amid reports of rising tension with South-Ossetia.

Georgian Defense ministry announced this morning (Feb.10th)  of “Defense Condition Orange”.

The newly declared condition is in effect for civilian population centers within 10km from the South-Ossetian border. This is the highest level of alert declared since the Ossetian-Liberation-Army violently took control of South-Ossetia six months ago.

“Defense-Condition-Orange” dictates a list of steps that are to be taken by civilian administrations to improve their readiness for breakout of hostilities.

Among the steps:

  1. Open and refresh all public and private shelters
  2. Testing of emergency messaging and siren systems
  3. Traffic outside of civilian towns and villages affected shall be limited, with some roads closest to the border be closed to civilian traffic altogether.
  4. No civilian traffic outside of villages after 17:00 LT
  5. Limit gathering events of civilians (no more than 50 participants in open spaces in affected areas).

Georgian Defense ministry is urging civilians in affected areas to closely monitor the media for announcements,  and to follow official security forces orders in any event or situation.

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